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          Abuot Us

          O-Send  locates in ChongQing  economic developing zone. founded in May 2004, a professional manufacturer of  optical communication and testing component  in China.

           O-Send specialize in developing and manufacturing active components products, for telecommunication, data communication,G/EPON,FTTX  and CATV industries. Product lines include Laser diode Module, Photodiode Module, Transceivers (Bi-di, 1*9, SFP),and so on.

          O-Send have a team with profuse experience in photoelectric domain , with the advanced technology and equipment, the company meets customer needs by providing cutting-edge technology and services, from rapid prototyping to OEM/ODM design and manufacturing.O-Send are growing as fast as the growth of Broadband network.and the  products have been broad used .

          Everyday we work all for your need!

          Why choose O-Send?

          Quality system of ISO9001: 2000 registration
          Reliable Quality
          Prompt delivery and remarkable services
          Reasonable prices
          According to customer's demands
          Excellent Performance


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